On the occasion of Science Popularization Week, INMOST holds the 9th “Science for All” festival on the theme of “Biological-Cultural Diversity” online and in different sections from November 11th, 2023. This festival is accessible through https://www.inmost.ir/festival1402 for interested participants.

The 9th “Science for All” festival will be held on various fields such as; the “Dadarcheh” page, which contains stories about the environment in 9 Iranian languages ​​and dialects for children under the age of 12. “BoomRang” page, includes: “Indigenous knowledge”, and an overview of the diversity of indigenous knowledge and technologies. “Bio-Cultural Diversity”, introduces the scientific narrative of geographical complications, natural phenomena, and plant and animal species of each climate along with the cultural narrative, customs, local names, and the coexistence formed between man and nature; “Environmental Activists”, short films, about the efforts of activists who have come up with solutions from the local community, and “Conversation”, challenging the existing solutions and inviting the audience to critique and dialogue about indigenous knowledge will be held.


The “Science for All” festival attempts to invite the audience from every city, village, and culture in different sectors to participate and introduce the environment and culture of their region. INMOST hopes that the understanding of this biological and cultural entanglement provides better solutions to face environmental issues and crises for people and government.