Science for All Festival

Definition and introduction of science festivals

More than 100 science festivals are held in Europe and 50 science festivals in America. Festivals are also held every year in India, UAE, Russia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Canada, etc., but there is no specific number of them.

Science festivals are highly flexible and the key to their success is to be tailored to regional needs. Usually, scientific honors of each region or global or regional needs and crises can be a good start for a science festival.Science festivals are among the most popular annual events in every region and country.At these festivals, people become more interested in science, learn at least one new thing, and are encouraged to do scientific activities. They feel more connected with science and this leads to pursuing scientific subjects in the future.

Usually, participants in science festivals interact with experts and scientists for the first time. (SFA research results in 2010 at the Cambridge and San Diego science festivals) Science festivals are usually designed for the general public and have a variety of programs for children to experts.Festivals are usually held in well-known places close to people’s places of residence, work, and recreation.Festivals are usually held annually at a specific time and vary between a few days and two weeks.Festivals are the product of direct cooperation between science museums and universities and are mostly organized by attracting the cooperation of several different organizations and the financial support of benefactors.