Another activity we do at the museum is Boom rang. To begin with, it introduced the idea of local communities collaborating with environmental activists. A few short films were made to show how local actions can prevent the extinction of an animal species or prevent forest fires.

Iran’s environment is facing problems in different regions, and the residents and environmental activists are trying to solve these problems and make life more compatible with nature.

Industrialization leads to a lot of damage to the environment. These damages to the environmental cycle ultimately harm the happy man’s productivity growth and endanger his life. Meanwhile, local communities benefit the least from industrialization. However, they know how to coexist with nature and teach others.

Boom rang tries to narrate the efforts of activists by making short films, to save humans through local community approaches.

And in ​​the indigenous knowledge section, it is necessary to review the path of development and pay attention to indigenous knowledge arising from centuries of experience on this land and its compatibility with the environment in different forms.

May we also play our role in preventing destruction.