Another activity we do at the museum is BoomRang. To begin with, it introduced the idea of local communities collaborating with environmental activists. A few short films were made to show how local actions can prevent the extinction of an animal species or prevent forest fires.

Iran’s environment is facing problems in different regions, and the residents and environmental activists are trying to solve these problems and make life more compatible with nature.

Humans have coexisted in nature for thousands of years, and this coexistence in diverse climatic conditions has led to diverse cultures. These cultures helped to preserve man and nature, but with new science and technology and during the process of industrialization, man has become nature’s owner of nature and used it excessively, leading to the loss of bio and cultural diversity. Today we face numerous environmental problems, and finding a solution to these problems is one of our most important concerns
People’s coexistence with nature in the past can reveal solutions. Trying to recognize, preserve, and improve the local knowledge of the people in different regions, is the result of this coexistence. Local people are the main actors in this field. In the indigenous knowledge section, we have an overview of the diversity of indigenous knowledge and technologies. In the bio-cultural diversity section, with audience participation, we collect and introduce their customs, narratives, stories, and beliefs that have been formed about all kinds of native plant and animal species.
In the cultural – environmental activist section, by making short films, we narrate the efforts of activists who try to solve problems of the local community, and in the Discussion section, we challenge different opinions and solutions and invite our audience to criticize and discuss this issue. We invite people to tell their comments.