These days, the pandemic Corona has become an important concern for people and the main news in media all over the world. Unfortunately, rumors and fake news to protect and prevent this disease caused pain and suffering among Iranians. Many people like benevolence, widely repost this news on social media, and some follow these unconfirmed recommendations. A dangerous action led to greater damage to the body and soul of our dear compatriots rather than the disease itself.
The Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology in cooperation with a group of doctors, nurses, and experts in the field of health and healing added to this team figures in science communication and media, psychology, sociology, physical education, and nutrition in Iran and the world to fact-check the news. It identifies misinformation from reliable information and publishes reliable scientific materials and recommendations approved by at least three knowledgeable and experienced experts in simple language.
We hope in these hard days, this awareness will reduce people’s fear and relieve their pain.