Chair’s Message

We live in a world that is changing so fast, which demands active participation, as well as understanding these changes and adapting accordingly. To be a pioneer in the scientific progress of the region in the future and based on the country’s long-term development plans, quick actions are required since the future will not wait for our procrastination. There is no doubt that the next generations expect us to build a prosperous Iran. Among these focal points is the Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology, which needs special attention to meet the long-term development goals of the country.
There are now two different perspectives on museums. In addition to collecting and preserving objects, they also have to communicate with the public and maintain a media presence. Media approaches to museums, such as “the museum as a cultural and educational institution”, transform the museum from a passive to an active and interactive educational medium. Communication with audiences is more important than collecting objects in new museums. In order to maintain audiences, even historical and heritage museums should pay attention to this approach. In this sense, museums play an important role as educational institutions.
Our goal is to create a museum that fosters creativity and thinking in visitors as well as make a connection between science and application. It is our goal to create a museum that encourages creativity and thinking among visitors as well as links science with the application. INMOST is not only a place to display the past and present capabilities of Iran and Iranian-Islamic civilization but also a place to nurture thinkers.
By providing diverse learning environments and situations for the public, INMOST will facilitate citizens’ connection with science and technology. We hope by a vast knowledge of science and technology, we will have efficient, knowledgeable, and useful citizens for our society.

INMOST Chairman