Mission and Vision

Facilitate citizens’ communication with science and technology for a better life

The museum as a well-known, reliable, and pioneer reference facilitates communication between citizens and science and technology

Strategic Goals

  • Increase audience accessibility to museum activities
  • Create diverse learning situations and environments
  • Utilize modern and diverse learning models
  • Building a learning organization

INMOST attempts to achieve its vision by adhering to these values.
Enthusiasm: Spreading the joy of learning, hope, and communication to science
Equality: Designing diverse programs for all groups and social classes
Localization: Special attention to the scientific heritage and tacit-indigenous knowledge of different regions of Iran, as well as their ecosystem, culture, and language
Facilitation: Facilitating peoples’ communication with science
Coexistence with nature: Ensure the protection of the environment, natural resources, and ecosystem of the Iranian plateau.
Orienting the Audience: Focus on Iranian citizens’ daily concerns and issues
Cooperation: Paying attention to people’s and employees’ ideas and providing the context for their active participation in all activities.
Criticizing and Questioning: Provide a platform for criticism and questioning science and its related issues
Self-esteem: An attempt to reinforce national and religious identity by introducing science and technology achievements in Iran.