About Us

We hear stories about the environment. We will discuss other topics in the future. We believe that the best way to communicate with children is through storytelling. On the other hand, storytelling in different Iranian dialects and languages ​​ is a way to communicate with the mother tongue, which helps to keep different languages ​​alive in Iran. Therefore, we decided to narrate each story in different Iranian languages ​​and dialects and share it with you on the Dadarche page.

  • We receive local stories through the call.These stories are in different Iranian languages and dialects, presented as audio files. In this section, you can send your local stories.
  • Published stories in the market, selected based on children’s book experts, or stories about Iranian nature published by local publishers. These stories are audio and visual and for A and B age groups. . One of the best Iranian storytellers assists in this regard. Dadarche adheres to the principles of the author’s right in choosing stories, books, and music. We started with a few dialects and languages. We will add more to this collection soon.