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The signing of cooperation agreement between the INMOST and Petro-Museum

21 Feb , 2017  


Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology (INMOST) and Petro-Museum signed a 2-years cooperation agreement in 38th anniversary of Iran’s glorious Islamic revolution.

Dr. Seyfollah Jalili, INMOST chairman and Dr. Akbar Ne’mat-ollahi, boss of Petro-Museum signed a scientific, cultural and administrative cooperation agreement on 8 February, 2017.

According to this agreement, both side engaged carrying out joint scientific, cultural and administrative cooperation for preservation of scientific and historic heritage of Iran and promoting the museum idea among the public people.

They also accepted to exchange their experience in the design and construction of maquette to produce the required products is available to each other, introduce the contractors who are related to museums required activities and exchange the collected objects.

Petro-Museum also engaged to support of establishing oil gallery in Science and Technology Museum and have cooperation in mobile exhibitions that organized by INMOST in different cities.







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