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Science for all festival

This festival is an annual event which is composed of two non-competitive and competitive sections.

In the non-competitive section of the festival that is exhibition, national and international institutions and organizations, in science week, try to present their achievements in the field of non-formal education and scientific or technical concepts in simple and understandable method.

Competitive section is composed of two parts, principal and special. The principal part of the festival includes training and the introduction of all the scientific concepts that relevant objects should be sent in specified format in accordance with certain standards of festival. In special part of festival, the topic changes every year and axes are determined by the scientific committee on problems and challenges of the day.

Festival audiences:

The festival audiences are public people, schoolchildren, students, families and so on. Therefore, any individual or group, of all ages, educational and professional and institutional can attend in festival.

Goals and Missions:

The festival is an attempt to:

  1. Promote science and scientific thinking and scientific citizenship upbringing
  2. encourage everyone to participate in scientific activities
  3. Get new ideas in the field of non-formal education
  4. Providing appropriate conditions for innovation
  5. Orientation to talents aligned with development of science and technology
  6. The introduction of the activities and participation of institutions and organizations that are active in the field of non-formal education
  7. Enculturation in order to use scientific solutions to deal with the issues and challenges

Topics of festival activities:

The festival will be held in two parts, principal and special. Each of the sections depending on the topic and the scientific committee decision can include the following 3 to 6 of the formats. These formats will be announced every year in the recall.

  1. Making learning tools
  2. Film
  3. Photo
  4. Science fiction
  5. Theater
  6. Science show
  7. Painting
  8. Social networks
  9. Computer Games
  10. Animation
  11. Playwriting
  12. script writing
  13. Poetry
  14. Sculpture

Location and Time of Festival:

Competitive and non-competitive section of the festival recalls every year from

January to October the following year and the exhibition part every year in the week of the science (November), will be held.

The location of festival also places will be determined each year by the Executive Secretary, in one of the crowded and touristic places in Tehran.

Festival’s Photo Gallery

Фильчаков прокуратура харьков