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“What happens in your brain”

26 Oct , 2019  

"What happens in your brain" is an educational and recreational event held in Moein Mall from 3 to 18 October 2019 and it was welcomed by visitors. This event consists of 6 stations and it tries to show what happens in the brain in simple language in the form of a game. The first station is about "brain structure" and visitors can assemble an 8-piece puzzle by which they can be familiarized with the brain parts, size and weight. There are videos and posters for this purpose. In the second station through virtual reality, they can have a 3D brain tour. The third station is “Neuron Structure” and learning about neurotransmitters and nerve system. The fourth station is “Memory and Learning” is the fourth station. There is a magic cube where visitors can play different games on learning and memory. The purpose of this part is to know what is the memory, how does it form and how repetition helps it. Emotion as the fifth station is “Anger” performance that shows the body’s internal reactions during anger, even more, attractive games to show “stress” and “fear” and its impacts on the body. In the last station which is a workshop, people make paper and play-doh brain. These stations are not psychological stations and people will be familiar with the brain and biological issues that occur within

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