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47th CIMUSET Conference – Kyoto 2019

5 Oct , 2019  

CIMUSET 47th  conference held During the week of 1–7 September 2019, in the city of Kyoto with the theme of Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition. This triennial gathering promises to inspire a range of discussions and exchanges on museum-related issues. Through sessions, excursions, workshops, and more, participants were able to engage with other museum professionals and enthusiasts to broaden their experience and understanding of museums around the world. Dr. Seifollah Jalili, INMOST chairman also delivered a speech as one of the speakers. In his remarks, Dr. Jalili pointed to global challenges such as the environment. His speech is as follow: The world is currently facing many challenges. Challenges such as climate changes, environmental pollution, water scarcity, the gap between the rich and the poor, war, militant leaders, population growth, lack of public awareness. I believe that scientists should have a better role in their countries to introduce these challenges to people and governments. Unfortunately, many leaders use the achievements of scientists for inhumane purposes and cause many problems for mankind. In my opinion, one of the ways to meet global challenges is to increase people's knowledge and dialogue between nations. The result of this will be increasing the nation's association with human welfare changes, and politicians cannot do anything they want and their destructive activities and decisions will be limited. In the present century, nations are more in need of closeness and dialogue than ever. We only have one land, but we divided it into many parts by borders and we must get permission from the governments to enter any part of it. But the challenges do not know the borders and do not need a visa and that the destruction of every part of the earth affects the entire planet. For example, the effects of fires on the Amazon forest not only affect Brazil but also affect the whole earth. So, it is better to find a way for all nations to live together in peace while keeping their culture and keep the planet away from dangers. This planet belongs to future generations and we have to keep it safe for them. Museums of science and technology can play a very important role in informing nations. These museums can be considered as a bridge between scientists and the public. The museums of science should not just be a place for displaying inanimate objects but should be better communicated to people by holding meetings and gatherings and any activities which they can do. Looking for a sustainable, stable and peaceful world for all nations.    

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