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Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology and French Universcience Center

20 Feb , 2017  

Chairman of Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology attended the French Universcience Center, Meets with President of this prestigious Center and signed a bilateral cooperation agreement on Wednesday 11 January 2017.

Bruno Macquart, president of Universcience Center, with two directors visited Iranian National Science and Technology Museum and held talks with Seyfollah Jalili, Chairman of Iran Science and Technology Museum on Monday 12 December 2016.

The joint memorandum is on cooperation for the exchange of experts, set up new galleries, seminars, mobile exhibitions, creation of joint research committees, exchange of equipment, etc.

Universcience was created in 2010 when the Science and Industry museum joined forces with the Palace of the Discovery. Universcience from January 2010 is an industrial and commercial public body, placed under the joint responsibility of the Ministry for Higher Education and Research and the Ministry for Culture and Communication.








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